Do you make this big mistake writing your articles?

As a marketer, if you want to go far away, you know the best way to get targeted traffic to your website: writing articles, this expose you at your client’s eyes like an expert in your field, or maybe you are a knowledgeable people writing with other goals in mind. Anyway, whatever the reason is, you need to hold your reader’s attention up…

Here is the first and most important part of your article: the headline,

but don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the headline is your article… I want to say: if someone read your headline and it doesn’t grasp his/her attention, is over… you know this true.

The headlines is so important and is just the tip of the iceberg!… Acquire the skill of creating catching headlines, believe me this is priceless, it gives you enormous advantages…. of course, if you master it.

Why the headline is important?. now listen to this carefully: Headlines are your first contact with the reader, is your chance to convince him/her to go on reading your article, is the first door and must work really well. It is the opening of your message, let me warning you: if you fail to recognize the importance of the headlines you are lost…

The headline is so crucial that is knew as the king in the copywritting world, why it must be different when you write an Article?…. I don’t believe there is difference at all, after a long time of creating articles I realized the supreme importance of this writing communication component.

Maybe you don’t agree with me at this point, but let me tell you something: headlines create excitement, enthusiasm, interest , to achieve this, they must be seductive, appealing, desirables, if your headline succeeds, you have a receptive reader, it’s up to you to give him/her motives to deep into your article.

Do you feel the headline’s importance?, is the opening of your article, but at the same time introduce your topic, attract attention and compelled the reader to go on. Work in your headline, carefully choose the words, remember one word maybe the difference: success or failure.