Exploring the Virtues of Islam Through a Christian Lens

Muslims are also encouraged to believe in the following articles of faith:

  • The Unity of God.
  • The existence of angels as God’s messengers.
  • The divine scriptures revealed to humanity.
  • All prophets sent by God, from Adam to Muhammad, including key figures like Abraham, Moses, and Jesus.
  • The afterlife and the Day of Judgment.

Women’s Rights in Islam: A Historical Perspective

Islamic law, over 1400 years ago, granted women rights that were only recognized centuries

later in the West. These rights include:


  • Ownership of property and the ability to conduct business.
  • Equal pay for equal work.
  • Control over personal wealth.
  • Freedom to choose a spouse.
  • Retention of one’s maiden name after marriage.
  • Inheritance rights.
  • The right to seek divorce in cases of neglect or mistreatment.

Misconceptions: Polygamy and Jihad

While polygamy is often associated with Islam, the religion actually introduced regulations to the pre-Islamic practice, aiming to protect women’s we

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