How to Find Beta Game Tester Jobs?

Have you ever daydream about getting paid for playing video games. It can be a reality if you take the time to learn how. Beta game testing jobs are available, but only if you learn where to find them and how to be successful in your work as a game tester.


Duties of Beta Game Tester Job

Instead of simply being paid to judge the overall amount of enjoyment of a video game, testers are paid to locate bugs and glitches. Highly-paid gaming programmers can easily locate and identify the t bugs & glitches; but when it comes time to locate the smaller, less noticeable ones, developers solely rely on professional game testers to do the job quickly and effectively.

Having said all that, the game beta testing job is to play the assigned video game as many times as it takes so that you can find and properly document all possible in-game bugs & glitches!

Salary of Beta Game Tester Job


How much a game tester makes is directly related to how many jobs he gets as well as what developers hire him. Generally speaking, game testers are typically paid $8-20 per hour, depending on their level of experience. So the average salary of beta game testing jobs can range from 15-20 thousand dollars per year all the way up to 80-100+ thousand per year. Being a professional video game tester is obviously great, isn’t it?

Where to find beta game testing jobs?

There are thousands upon thousands of game testing jobs posted out there on the net on a weekly basis. You just need to know where to look.

There are a number of website that can help you learn the secrets of becoming a successful game tester from home. These sites also display beta game tester job postings for some of the area game companies. You can save a lot of time from searching. They’ll even help you to fill out the application.

However, be careful before making a commitment to become a member of one of these sites until you’ve investigated it thoroughly. You want to join one with a good track record. You can check it with friends and industry blogs. If the website is authentic, joining could help you a lot on your way to get a game beta testing job.


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