Overcoming Resource-related Architectural Design Constraints

A specialised and fundamentally technical area of expertise, architectural design is an essential component of building construction. The process of architectural design includes the generation of architectural models and drawings through architectural design and architectural drafting processes. With growing demand for such services, there is a corresponding demand for skilled human resources capable of providing these functionshttps://designwebs.com

in Western countries, which can be a constraint for firms not equipped with an adequate number of trained personnel. A legitimate solution to overcome this constraint can be found with overseas companies that specialise in delivering the relevant services.

To better understand the services required, it is important to look at an overview of what constitutes architectural design. Primarily, this involves the process, output and services associated with the different stages of architectural design, which are: Concept Stage, Schematic Design Stage, Design Development and Permissions Stage and the Construction Documents Stage. These stages are inherent in every architectural project. Here’s what they entail:

Concept Design

In the Pre-design Stage, the parts of the design are assembled and options of the design can be figured out from reviewing zoning and building codes. In this stage of design, full code summaries and research design parameters are produced. Basic site research is conducted to decide solar angles and any other site-specific conditions. A primary part of this stage is listening to the client and getting to know their needs. These ideas are then sketched. The structure’s dimensions are measured and drawn for base drawings. A list of needs of the project is made. The architect then finds or creates surveys, sketches, site plans, floor plans and elevations to the client a rough idea of the design.

Schematic Design

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