Self-Build – Making Your Dream A Reality

The term self-build has become extremely popular over the past number of years and is basically self explanatory. It is simply choosing to build a property by yourself and in doing so; you can build the property to the specifications that you desire. Many people don’t realise that they don’t have to be a builder to self-build. In fact what you will most likely be doing is overseeing the entire project or project managing as it’s called. You can of course be hands on with the building if you prefer.


The design of your self-build should be finalised by a qualified architect or professional designer but you will have the overall say in what you want the designer to do. You will then be given completed blueprints which your builders will follow. You can hand the entire project over to a building contractor or you can undertake to save some money by doing as much of the work as you can. This is great for those who enjoy DIY.

The control that you have over a self-build has some great advantages and these include being able to use the latest technology in your design. You can choose to install underfloor heating, wiring for entertainment, your choice of lighting and so much more.

You are probably thinking that a self-build will work out a lot more expensive than buying an already built property but this is not true, and on average the self-build can save you over 30%. Self-build properties also have the added advantage of being almost 25% higher in price on the property markets too. This is why many people choose to self-build as an investment rather than a home.

Now that you understand the basics of a self-build let us look in detail at what an actual self-build involves.


Self-Build – What’s Involved Step-By-Step

Step 1: Obtaining Your Plot Of Land

The first thing that you have to do before you can start your self-build is to find an appropriate plot of land. You might also have to obtain planning permission and have the land assessed to ensure that it has not been contaminated. These steps are crucial to the self build project or similar undertaking.

Step 2: Financing Your Project And Set Your Budget

Once you have your plot of land your next step in your self-build process is to finance your new home. There are mortgage providers available to offer expert advice in this area. Once you have secured your finance the next step is to create a realistic budget and stick to it. The best way to ensure that y

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