The Largest Skin Care Brand–Estee Lauder

Nearly no woman wants to look ugly and old; beauty is the forever pursuit of their whole lives. For every woman, skin care is also the everlasting work. Estee Lauder, as the largest skin care, cosmetics and perfume company, it is closely related with all the beautiful women. After more than half a century, it enjoys global reputation by its leading technology and outstanding effectiveness. Nowadays, the skin care, makeup and perfume products have been sold in more than 130 countries worldwide. Estee Lauder is undoubtedly the representative of youth, confidence and feminine charm. As a woman, she has created a perfume for her lover, which becomes an achievement in perfume world. The cosmetics kingdom she rules is still firmly in control by s name. After the Second World War, a small company was born in New York, only sold four main kinds of skin care products. After that, Estee Lauder launched its first bottle of skin cream, which aimed to bring beauty to every woman. This bottle of skin cream was developed by Lauder’s uncle, her uncle was a chemist. In 1953, it put forward Youth-Dew perfume and won the fame of high quality. The brand is just like Swarovski pendants, it pursues refined taste, high quality life. Different from those cheap jewelry sets of counterfeited big brands, it aims at providing genuine products and bringing real beauty for large numbers of females. Estee Lander’s pleasant perfume is elegant and fresh, it gives people a fresh feeling but with a soft delicate sensibility. This fragrance is full of gentle and romantic flowers’ fragrance. Besides, the products use lightweight materials, which is suitable for every woman to carry. Its products adhere to high quality and high standard, so masses of female consumers can find their most appropriate skin care products. In addition to the scientific and consumer research, Estee Lauder also focuses on its Green Chemistry. This project is committed to designing and implementing innovative production process to make products more sustainable in environmental protection. Green Chemistry project includes the provision of sustainable practices, such as minimizing energy consumption, recyclable package, reducing waste and limiting the number of components in the product formulation. Estee Lauder is dedicated to bringing beauty to women, scientific breakthroughs and innovations and maintaining good communication with customers. Mrs. Estee Lauder has always believed that every woman can possess beauty and fashion. Thus, she injected her own life taste and sensitivity for fashion into the Estee Lauder brand, which not only reshape the new image of US cosmetics industry but also affect the global cosmetics market.

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