What Are You Attracting?

Each and every individual that makes up the population of this place we call earth is unique in one way or another.

One common thread with the mass majority, regardless of ones uniqueness, is a desire to become more. More what you ask? The answer to that question is as varying and unique as each individual.

Some want more money, others want more love, some want a new car, still others want a new house. Some believe that if they could only get that piece of property they https://alo789.es
have been looking at, then they’d be happy. If they could only attain that million dollar portfolio, then everything would be alright. If they could
only find just the right mate then life would be perfect. If they only had better health then they would be fulfilled.

Many receive the material things that they want only to find in an unspecified amount of time that what they thought would make them happy, eventually loses it’s appeal and they find themselves wanting something else. Something More.

They rationalize in their minds that they made a mistake. The thing that they initially thought they wanted, and what they thought would make them happy, wasn’t really what they thought to begin with, but now, this time, they really know what it is that they want, and if they can only acquire that thing, then they will be truly happy.

It’s an endless cycle. Wanting more, receiving it, and then wanting something else after that thing loses it’s appeal.

Many today assume that material things will bring them the happiness they seek, only to be let down time and again.

Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to attain things, and wanting to become more, there is far more to true fulfillment than just acquiring material possessions. The desire to become more is a totally natural and actually commendable human trait, and not one that anyone should feel any guilt about.

Although most everyone wants to be fulfilled in their lives, most go about it in the wrong way. The majority believes that they must find their fulfillme

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