I Think I Have Dry Skin

Perhaps only a few areas of your skin are dry and others are not. Or maybe you have a few dry areas and other places that are oilier. You are not sure how to treat it because doing one thing for all areas of your skin may have bad results on certain areas while helping others.


So what gives?     It is most likely that you have both; you have dry skin and another skin al https://remontibudowa.com/  http://urzadzajzpasja.pl/  https://dlabiznesmena.pl/  https://syanetsugaiheki.com/  https://przemekjurek.pl/  https://i9bet.trading/  https://syanetsugaiheki.com/  https://kyonyulounge.com/  https://qzin-celeb-lady.com/  https://ishino-dc.com/  https://newhousebuilder.com/type. This mix of skin types means you have one specific skin type. Combination skin. Tricky, because not only must you find good ways of treating your dry skin, but you must also tailor your skin care regimen to normal or oily skin.

Frustrating yes, but before you start stressing (as stress has never done anything good for anyone, especially the skin), take a deep breath and remember that not having overall oily skin can mean less acne outbreaks for you, and not having overall dry skin can mean less work in trying to get it to be soft and moisturized again.

The most common format for combination skin is to have an oily T zone, or the areas of your forehead, nose, and chin, and to have dry cheeks and eye areas. Take comfort in knowing at least your face is not a patchy battleground of confusing skin types and instead the areas are localized, which makes them much easier to treat. You may even be comforted to know that your T zone is probably not as oily as a person with overall oily skin, and that your dry skin is not as bad as some people with overall dry skin.

So what do you do with this combination of dry and oily skin types? You simply have to adjust your skin care routine to accommodate for both dry skin and oily skin. There are many products out there that tailor to each skin type, or y